Call for proposals

Call for proposals for special sessions has ended. Abstract submission for the special sessions and open sessions will begin in January 2014.
We welcome proposals for special sessions, which can be related to the main theme of the Conference, or any other relevant issues related to restoration.



Write a short abstract (max 250 words) of your idea for the special session. Send your abstract to people you would like to invite to give an oral presentation in the session. A thumb of rule is that one session has five to six presentations. If your idea attracs more speakers you can also organize a longer special session with 10-12 presentations. We encourage creativity in the ways to organise the special sessions so that also discussion panels are welcome, or combinations of oral and poster presentations etc. After you have a list of speakers and topics of their presentations, please send the abstract and the speaker list and their topics to us at, by 20th December 2013. 


Topics to discuss in the Conference and/or in the special sessions, for example:

  • Restoration of ecosystem services
  • Ecological, economic and socio-cultural values of restoration
  • Approaches, methods and tools to increase the link between science and decision making
  • EU 2020 biodiversity strategy and 15% restoration target