The Mid-Conference excursions

During the Mid-Conference excursions, you will have an option to see primary succession areas; ‘baby forests’ and ‘baby peatlands’, at the seashore region near Oulu. Other options of the Mid-Conference excursions will be for example forest and peatland restoration sites, bird lakes created from cut-over peatlands, restored rivers, and lichen-rich esker forests.

The Conference field trips

You will also have a chance to get a more close-up picture of Northern Finand by joining one or both of the two separate Conference field trips. 

The Pre-Conference trip will take you to western Lapland, to the surroundings of Pallas-Yllästunturi national park. The park is characterized by subalpine heaths and northern boreal forests. Important topics in the trip will be mass tourism, reindeer overgrazing, mining, hydroelectry, and windmills. 

The Post-Conference trip will take you near the Russian border, to the surroundings of Oulanka national park. The park represents a combination of northern, southern and eastern nature and is characterized by pine forests, steep river valleys and spectacular rapids. Important topics in the trip will be mass tourism, forest restoration and peatland restoration.