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Post-conference excursion - preliminary programme

Please note that there may still be changes in the schedule and programme

Friday 8th July
  • Accommodation at Oulanka Research Station of the University of Oulu
  • Presentation of the research at the Research Station
  • Optional evening walks in the National Park
  • Bus tour: Oulu-Oulanka 290 km
  • Walking: 0-5 km
More information: the Oulanka National Park and Oulanka Research Station

Saturday 9th July
  • Ruka ski resort and mass tourism area: research related to tourism and alien species
  • Option 1: Juuma tourist village, Kitka river, hanging bridge 
  • Option 2: research on the management of northern boreal forests in high elevated regions
  • Oulanka National Park: Visitor Centre, Kiutaköngäs rapids, Hiidenlampi Nature Trail and research on nature tourism at the National Park
  • Bus tour: Oulanka- Ruka 60 km
  • Walking: 7-10 km

More information: Oulanka Visitor Centre and Ruka ski resort

Sunday 10th July
  • Forest restoration burning area near the Russian border, results from restoration research
  • Oulanka sandy river bank, research  on the population dynamics of threatened species, research on freshwater ecosystems
  • Oulanka National Park: Rytisuo Nature Trail, rich fens, and management of cultural habitats
  • Bus tour within Oulanka: 60 km
  • Walking: 7-10 km
Monday 11th July
  • return from Oulanka to Oulu, 290 km
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